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Year 1

Information for Parents

How is this year group organised?


The year group is divided into 3 classes.
The Class teachers are:


Miss L Percy (Platypuses) 

Mrs C Kent (Koalas) 

Miss A Morton/Mr C Cole (Wallabies) 


The teaching assistants based in Year 1 this year are:


Mrs K Box

Miss K Nicolaides

Miss K Street


Transition from Reception to Year One

In Year One, we understand the importance of ensuring a smooth and positive transition from Reception. During the Autumn term we gradually move children from play-based learning to more structured lessons where children will have the opportunity to work independently as well as receiving regular adult support. Children will continue to have opportunities for child-initiated learning throughout the year.


General Expectations/Rewards & Sanctions

As with other year groups, we expect all children to try their best and work hard in the classroom and in lessons.  We always encourage the children to treat each other, and all adults, with respect and portray the school values of being aspirational, resilient and kind.  In accordance with the rest of the school, we follow the behaviour policy whereby positive behaviours are rewarded and negative behaviours sanctioned in a way appropriate to Key Stage One. Please see the school’s newly updated behaviour policy for further details.


Across the school, children can earn House Points for their house team, whole class Marble Rewards and have the chance to take home a Headteacher Award certificate that will be linked to one of our three values.  Additionally in Year 1, children can be rewarded by taking home Percy the Platypus, Keith the Koala or Wesley the Wallaby.



We will be studying a number of exciting topics this year, beginning with Rumble in the Jungle. Each half term the children will start a new topic which will be detailed on the Year One curriculum information page on the school website.  We will let you know about each of our topics before they begin. Please talk to your children about their topics and encourage them to find out even more at home.   


We will inform you of any special events or days linked to our topics via a letter in book bags. We will also notify you of any forthcoming trips in due course. We often need parent helpers for trips and to hear children read so please let us know if you would be happy to help with any of these. Your support is always appreciated.



The children will be taught following the guidance from the 2014 National Curriculum.  Areas which will be taught include: word reading (phonic skills and decoding), comprehension, transcription (spelling), cursive handwriting, composition, vocabulary, grammar and punctuation. In addition to this, they will also undertake activities involving spoken language and drama. Please let your child’s teacher know if you would like any advice on how to help them at home.



The children will be taught following the guidance from the 2014 National Curriculum. Areas which will be taught include: number and place value, addition and subtraction, multiplication and division, fractions, measurement, properties of shape, position and directions. Again, please speak to your child’s class teacher if you would like any guidance on how to support your child at home. We hope that the home learning will give a good insight into the strategies and expectations for Year 1. 


Foundation Subjects

Other curriculum areas (Science, History, Geography, Computing, D&T, Art) will be introduced to the children through their topic work and in practical activities taking place within English and Maths lessons.  R.E. will be taught discretely. The children will have weekly Music lessons with our specialist music teacher.  Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education (PSHCE) will also take place weekly, which includes SRE (Sex and Relationships Education) appropriate to the age of the children. In Year 1, this will only cover naming of the body parts, the differences between boys and girls and knowing which parts of the body are private.  Parents have the right to withdraw their children if they wish to do so, however we would urge anyone considering this to discuss the matter with the class teacher.


Physical Education (PE)  

Spring 1 Arrangements:

Starting this half term, the children will be coming home with their PE kits on a Thursday afternoon in preparation for their PE lessons on a Friday. To maximise lesson time, we ask that the children come into school in their PE kits on Friday mornings.  Their school uniform will not be needed.  We also request that children have dark-coloured tracksuit bottoms alongside their shorts and t-shirts. 


Please ensure that all PE kit and clothing is clearly named, especially when replacing any items mid-year. Children should not wear jewellery in school and EARRINGS MUST BE REMOVED on PE days. Children with earrings will not be allowed to take part in PE lessons for health and safety reasons. Please also regularly check that your child’s trainers/plimsoles fit to ensure that they can run around comfortably.


May we also remind you that hair must always be fastened back for school to ensure safety and to minimise the risk of catching and/or passing on head lice.  Please check your child’s hair regularly!    



In Year 1, we provide all of the pencils and crayons for pupils so pencil cases are not needed. Toys and card games must not be brought into school as this generally leads to lots of fiddling and lost items.  Should any of these items inadvertently appear in school, the teacher will look after them until the end of the day. Those children who ‘scoot’ to school may store their scooters in their class storage box.  Please ensure that they are stored away safely and that children do not ride scooters on the school grounds.


May we also advise that playground equipment is for the use of pupils at playtimes and not before or after school.


Home Learning

Home Learning will be handed out on a Thursday and must be returned, completed, on a Tuesday. Each half term, the home learning will rotate between a set of spellings that they will be tested on, a piece of maths work that reflects the learning that week in class, a set of number skills that they will be tested on and a piece of English work that reflects the learning that week in class. If you have any questions about methods or strategies to support your child, please ask your child’s teacher.



Spellings will form part of your child’s home learning (see above). Words will be linked to the Year 1 spelling objectives outlined in the 2014 National Curriculum (phonics and common exception words). Spelling tests will be on a Tuesday so please help your child to prepare for this.


Reading (Home Books & Guided Reading)

Please listen to your child read as frequently as possible. As a way of encouraging their independence skills, the children may now change their school reading book as often as they wish and they will be shown how to do this. Although they will be reminded every day, please let the class teacher or teaching assistant know if your child is coming home with either the wrong book band or is forgetting to change their book!


We have launched a new reading reward scheme in Key Stage One called ‘WILD about reading’.  When each child has completed two pages worth of reading entries in their record book, they are able to colour in a letter.  When all four letters are coloured in they are awarded a badge from Mr Helm.  There are eight badges to collect altogether.  Teaching Assistants will count carefully and monitor weekly in order to inform the children when to colour a letter or when a badge is due.  


You may have heard the children talking about ‘Guided Reading’.  The class teacher works with a different reading group every day and will determine when it is time for a child to move up to the next book band colour.  There are many objectives to meet within each level (i.e. relating to phonics, decoding, comprehension, extracting information, making comparisons, talking about text features) and it is vital that the children are not rushed through the reading levels. We thank you in advance for all your support with your child’s learning at home.


Home/School Link Booklets

As the teachers and teaching assistants are very busy in the mornings, messages should be passed on through the Home/School link booklets. From Year 1, we do not check book bags so please ensure that you or your child places the message in the ‘link booklet wallet’ attached to the classroom door or hands it directly to an adult. If you wish to meet with the teacher personally, please book an appointment through the office. Similarly, if your child is due to attend a medical appointment or be absent from school for any reason, please inform the office.


Phonics Screening Tests

It is a national requirement that children take a Phonics Screening Test at the end of Year 1. Phonics will therefore be a key focus throughout the year and it would benefit your child enormously if you could reinforce their phonics learning at home. More information will follow in our Phonics Parent Workshops later this term.


Dropping off / Collecting Your Children

Please ensure your child arrives on time each morning. The classroom doors will be opened from 8:40 when children will be able to come into the classroom to settle for the day. Your child should come into the classroom on their own as this will allow a smooth start to the school day.  We register the class at 8:55 so if your child arrives after this time, please make sure they come in through the office so that they can be signed in.


At the end of the day, children from Wallabies and Koalas are to be collected one at a time from the door of their classroom. Children from Platypuses will be taken to the playground for collection and dismissed one at a time from the line. Please do not collect your child from their class line as the teacher will not know who that child has gone home with. Please inform the class teacher, via the home/school link booklet, if someone different will be collecting your child. All children who attend clubs will be seen to the correct place by a Teaching Assistant. Any children who have not been collected by 3.25pm will be sent to the front entrance to await collection.

More Information on Specific Year Group Curricula


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