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Year 3 English - Journey to the Jungle

Journey to the Jungle: Lesson Breakdown


Lesson 1: Vocabulary

(Pages 2-5) Complete the two vocabulary activities about definitions and synonyms.


Lesson 2: Applying Vocabulary

(Pages 3 and 6) Re-read the diary and look at the definitions from yesterday. Complete the next vocabulary activities, including using the new words in sentences.


Lesson 3: Reading Comprehension

(Pages 3 and 7) Use the diary entry to answer the comprehension questions.


Lesson 4: Poetry

(Pages 8-9) Read the poem and create your own, using the planning grid to help.


Lesson 5: Imagining Settings

(Page 10) Draw pictures of what you might see through your telescope. Label each one, being careful yet ambitious with your spelling and vocabulary.


Lesson 6: Jungle Log

(Page 11) Think of some ideas for your Jungle Explorer's Log by using the planning grid. This will help your writing in the following lesson.


Lesson 7: Conjunctions

(Page 12) Using the planning grid, write some sentences that are joined by words like: and, but, so, when, if. This will add detail and give the reader extra information.


Lesson 8: Conjunctions

(Page 13) Similar to yesterday, extend your sentences using the conjunction 'because'.


Lesson 9: Log Writing

(Page 14) Use your collection of detailed sentences from the previous two lessons to help you to write your Jungle Explorer's Log. Remember to engage your reader by painting a vivid picture of your experiences.


Lesson 10: Instruction Writing

(Pages 15-17) Read the instructions of How to Uncover a Soupee Bird. Then write your own set of instructions explaining how to trap an unusual creature of your choosing.