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Talk for Writing Superheroes

Day 7 is a craft activity. If possible, children will need a toilet roll, pens, pencils or paint, a pair of scissors and wool or thick thread.


Day 1 Read superhero fact files and a superhero story ‘Playground Rescue’.
Day 2 Read ‘Playground Rescue’ again and act it out. You could also draw a story map. 
Day 3 Complete the vocabulary challenge.
Day 4 Share the story again and add your response. Tell us what you think about the story.
Day 5 Reading challenge. Answer the questions about the story. 
Day 6 Sammy’s creative challenge. 
Day 7 Raja’s craft challenge.  
Day 8 Sammy’s poetry challenge. 
Day 9 Jo’s get-active challenge. 
Day 10 Superhero pet activity.