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Fit Friday

Every Friday, each child in the school will partake in "Fit Friday", an initiative set up to ensure our children remain active in a fun way. Fit Friday has four separate activities, and they are completed by the children in their School Houses: Air, Earth, Fire and Water. Each activity will last approximately 20 minutes.


Mini-Marathon: A track is set up around the school field and playground. The children aim to beat their own personal score and the total score completed by other houses in previous weeks.


Dance Magic: The children complete dances together in the school hall to a variety of music and genres from the GoNoodle website. The children also learn the moves to songs such as "Saturday Night", "Macerena" and "Cha Cha Slide".


Sports Day Races: Tracks are set up in the school cage to complete a variety of different races. These may include obstacle races, hurdles or a straight sprint race.


Beat The Clock: Children take a "Beat the Clock" slip, which gives them their activity. All of the activities have to be completed in 1 minute. These could be "amount of sit ups", "ball catches" or "ladder jumps". The best scores/personal bests are called out by the Sports Ambassadors.