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Geography Unit of Work - Our Local Area


Investigating Our Local Area

In school the children will be investigating our local area, including looking at the human and physical features and the different types of services available.

Session 1

To locate the local area on a map and to give directions.


Session 2

To learn about physical and human features of our local area.

Session 3


To identify different types of services in the local area.

Session 4

To be able to collect and record evidence.

Session 5

To be able to evaluate what the local area is like.

Session 6 and 7

Our Geography Unit has finished.


However, could you research what local attractions there are in our local area. Once you have researched what is around here can you create a 'Relaunch' leaflet for that attraction. Think that this attraction needs to draw attention to the attraction after being closed for so long. On the front, you'll need to grab the attention of the reader, while inside you will need to tell their visitors if there are any changes to opening times, facilities etc. Maybe over the closure something new has been created or built.

Good luck!