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Keep Safe Council

The Keep Safe Council have certainly been busy this term!  We began by giving the Keep Safe Shed a much needed bit of care and attention and made it a place for children to access at lunchtimes if they need a quiet space.  We have had several meetings and the team have chosen a new lanyard and a baseball cap for the councillors to wear to make them easily identifiable to their peers.  We have also devised a lunchtime rota so that there is always a Keep Safe Councillor on duty for anyone should they need it.

We are currently developing some structured games and activities for lunchtime play and have requested resources such as skipping ropes, hula hoops, elastics and balls so that we can implement some coordinated fun for those that would like to join in.

In February, as part of us working towards achieving the United Against Bullying Award, we conducted a pupil wellbeing questionnaire.  The results will help us focus on key areas that we can address in order to enable every pupil to feel safe and a sense of belonging in school.

We are hoping to attend some Councillor training next term and further develop our understanding of how we can use our role to spread the message of kindness and positive behaviour choices. We also plan to examine the school’s anti-bullying policy and devise a child friendly version for all.

The Keep Safe Council have a very busy agenda in 2023 which includes renovating our Keep Safe den, conducting whole school pupil questionnaires about safe spaces and working towards achieving an Anti-Bullying Alliance Award. Lots to do!

As part of our Kindness Week in November, the children elected their new Keep Safe Council.  We have six children from Year 3 and seven from Year 5.

"We are your Keep Safe Councillors!  We help people when they are lonely and sad or have no friends.  We want to keep people safe.  We help others to have a happy and a safe time at school.  This is our new hub on the playground.  It is the meeting point for us to attend.  Children can find us every lunchtime so if you have any worries or concerns just visit us or pop a note in the Keep Safe worry box and we'll help".