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Keep Safe Council

Keep Safe Poole Hospital visit

The Keep Safe Council were invited back to Poole Hospital to officially open the new Children's Emergency Department.  Last November, the Keep Safe team were involved in contributing ideas to the emergency team about refurbishing this area to make it more child friendly.  The team came up with some excellent suggestions about colours, activities and strategies to support families and children that feel worried.  The Emergency Department incorporated many of the Keep Safe team's ideas in the refurbishment.  Excitingly, ITV Meridian News were also there filming and interviewing the children!  This should be aired any day so watch this space..

The Keep Safe team are now involved in helping to rewrite some literature for the hospital to make it more child friendly.  Well done team - you were amazing and did Longfleet proud!

"We are your Keep Safe Councillors!  We help people when they are lonely and sad or have no friends.  We want to keep people safe.  We help others to have a happy and a safe time at school.  This is our new hub on the playground.  It is the meeting point for us to attend.  Children can find us every lunchtime so if you have any worries or concerns just visit us or pop a note in the Keep Safe worry box and we'll help".







Anti-Bullying Week


November saw Anti-Bullying Week and the theme was #chooserespect. The whole school participated in a number of activities throughout the week to raise awareness that bullying behaviour is a choice and that we can all choose our behaviour so let's choose kindness! We began with our odd sock day on the Tuesday. The children and staff were invited to wear odd socks to highlight the fact that we are all unique and that we should still show respect and value those differences. The Keep Safe Council presented an Anti Bullying Assembly to promote their role and responsibilities within school and to raise awareness of the fact that bullying is a behaviour choice. #chooserespect.

The Keep Safe Council distributed a pupil survey regarding attitudes to feeling safe. The children were also involved in teaming up with another year group to create some kindness hands which are the leaves on our Tree of Kindness.


Poole Hospital Trip


The Keep Safe Councillors were invited to attend a meeting with staff from Poole Hospital's Emergency Department. The team have been asked to liaise with the Children's Emergency Department to contribute ideas and suggestions about how to regenerate that area to make it a more pleasant experience for children and parents. The Keep Safe team were absolutely fantastic and contributed some incredible ideas such as fairy lights, a soft play space, doctors dressing up, a teddy bears hospital, calming colours and music to name a few! The hospital staff were very impressed and have invited the Keep Safe team back next year to officially open the new Children's Emergency Area. Watch this space..!