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Maths Summer 2

To access the maths work, please follow the link below, selecting the appropriate video for the day/date and then clicking on the 'Get The Activity' task.

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The most suitable questions for Year 6 are 1 to 6. But why don't you work with your family on the rest of the problem and do as many as you. Help each other!
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Reserve Option Maths Booklets - Get The Activity
These booklets could be useful if you are finding the White Rose Maths work requires too much parental support and you need your child to work independently on their Maths. Please note that these booklets are a 'back-up' option for you and not an extra task to complete, or a replacement for the White Rose work. White Rose remains our first choice for Maths activities for your child.
Reserve Option Maths Booklets - Get The Answers