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Welcome to the Reception Home Learning page.


Each week, we will upload activities for the children to complete at home whilst school is closed.  We hope you enjoy doing the activities together; please feel free to adapt the tasks to suit your child's individual needs.


Remember, if you have any questions, please contact: and we will reply as soon as possible.


Each day, we expect your child to:

  • Read for 20-30 minutes (this can include story time)
  • Complete a Phonics activity
  • Complete a Maths activity


Thank you!

Optional Reception Maths home learning resources 

Years 1-6 will be using a new set of resources (White Rose Maths) to support online learning in the Summer term.  For each day, there is a tutorial video, a worksheet ('Get the activity') and the answers ('Get the answers').


Daily Maths activities will continue to be posted online for Reception pupils, but if you would like to access the Early Years activities available on White Rose Maths, then please feel free to do so.


The videos share the learning for the day and this is followed up by the relevant worksheet.  To access the work, follow the link below and select the video then 'Get the activity'.





Optional Reception Literacy home learning resources 

*NEW* Supporting your child's reading at home

Phonics 18th May

Maths 18th May


Phonics 19th May

Maths 19th May


Phonics 20th May

Maths 20th May

Select the appropriate level of challenge for your child- working within 10 or 20.

Phonics 21st May

Maths 21st May


Phonics 22nd May

Maths 22nd May

Reception play challenges for week beginning 18th May:

This week, why not try some play challenges?


  • Join Dorset Wildlife Trust on a virtual tour of their nature reserves- there are lots to choose from and some that you may already know such as Brownsea Island (look for the Canadian geese near the church!) or Upton Heath (can you spot some spiky, yellow gorse bushes?).  Which other plants or wildlife might live in these special locations? Do some online research to find out.


  • Build a boat that can float using junk materials and household items - how can you make sure it won’t sink?  Test your boat in the bath, sink or paddling pool to see if it floats.  If it sinks, how could you change your design to solve the problem?  Could you make it even better next time? Explore vocabulary such as 'float', 'sink', 'deep' and 'shallow'.


  • Create your own shop using tins from the kitchen cupboards and price the items.  Perhaps make your own price tags.  Which items will be the least/most expensive?  Find some 1p, 2p, 5p and 10p coins to play 'shops'.  How many pennies do you need to buy each item?  Invite your household to visit your shop to buy some shopping and check they have the correct number of pennies to buy an item.


  • Draw what you can see from a window of your home.  


  • Create a simple dance routine to your favourite song.  Can you think of five dance steps for your routine and perform it to your family?  Can they copy your dance moves?  



Phonics 11th May

Maths 11th May


Phonics 12th May

Maths 12th May


Phonics 13th May

Maths 13th May

As an extra challenge, why not try to sequence larger numbers?

Phonics 14th May

Maths 14th May

If at all possible, use some real coins to help with this task.

Phonics 15th May

Maths 15th May

As an extra challenge, why not try creating more complex patterns using two colours (for example, red/blue/blue/ or even three or four colours?  
Reception play challenges for week beginning 11th May:

This week, why not try some play challenges?


  • Practise your throwing and catching skills- use a pot or saucepan and see how far you can stand back and still get the ball in.  Try to throw and catch with a partner.

  • Make playdough with just two ingredients- cornflour and hair conditioner (plus a little bit of water)!  Mix the cornflour and hair conditioner together in a large bowl, then start to knead, slowly adding a little water at a time until it begins to form a dough.  Then add food colouring if you wish.  Store in an airtight bag- if it is slightly dry next time you play with it, just add a few drops of water to soften it up again.  

  • Sort some food items from your kitchen cupboards into two groups: healthy and unhealthy foods.  Can you think of some other healthy/unhealthy foods?  

  • Draw a picture of your home and write your address.  Can you learn your address from memory?

  • Listen to a song and describe what you hear.  How does the song make you feel?  Talk about the images that come to mind as you listen to it.  Draw a picture as you listen to the music to express how it makes you feel.  Perhaps listen to different genres of music- how are your pictures similar or different?