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Welcome to the Year 6 Home Learning page for the second half of the Summer Term. We hope you have had a lovely half term break, keeping safe but enjoying more outside space and time.


Each week, we will continue to upload activities for the children working from home. We have changed the English activities for this half term so please read through the information below as this outlines the changes and options now available. The maths work remains the same as last half term ie video followed by a worksheet. Should any activity be too tricky, please use the work from a previous year group.


All work is to go in the green book provided in class. You can either download the sheets and stick them into your book to work on, or just write the answers. Please make sure that you write the date and title of the task before you start.


Please remember that if you have any questions, contact: and we will reply as soon as we can.


The following activities are to be completed during the second half of the summer term:

  • Reading for 20-30 minutes - daily.
  • Spellings to be learnt for a test (video) - weekly.
  • An English activity: either the reading comprehension and SPAG activities OR the new Talk For Writing activity - daily.
  • A Maths activity (a video tutorial and activity) - daily.

Activities across the wider curriculum will also be set (please see the link to these on the homepage) and these are OPTIONAL.

English Summer Term (2) Learning

We will be making some changes in the home learning resources and activities being provided in English during the second half of the Summer term.

Up until now, the children will have been completing a daily reading comprehension AND spelling/punctuation/grammar worksheet. This provision will continue.

An more creative alternative will also be provided. This will involve a sequence of lessons, lasting 2-3 weeks, based on one unit of work which has a greater focus on writing skills (whilst also including some reading and grammar work). It is akin to the style of lessons and activities taught in class each day in school and throughout year groups (Talk for Writing). These lessons WILL be followed by the children working in school. A video will launch and conclude each unit of work. Please note: it will probably be very tricky to dip in and out of the Talk For Writing units of work.

Remote learners therefore have the option of either: continuing with the reading comprehension and grammar work; OR, following the new Talk for Writing units of work. There is no expectation to do both but of course, you are welcome to!

For those children who do access the Talk for Writing work at home, your teachers would love to see your work. Take a photo of yourself doing an activity or a photo of some completed work and email it to the Your teachers will provide feedback once a week.

SPELLINGS for EVERYONE – home and at school. Each Friday, 10 spellings will be set either in class or on the home learning page of the website. These will need to be learnt and a virtual spelling test will then be held via an on-line video led by a teacher the following Friday.



English Home Learning

All children need to learn the 10 spellings. These will be on this page on Monday and the spelling test will be on the Friday.

Choice: complete either the NEW Talk For Writing daily activities OR the reading comprehension and SPAG daily activities. Can opt to do both!

Click on the link to take you to the relevant curriculum area.

Useful websites to support maths/english learning or provide extra examples

If you have read any books, remember to earn valuable points for your class by completing the quiz on 'Accelerated Reader'. 

Which Year 6 class will earn the most points and be triumphant?

Which Year 4, 5 or 6 class will be the ultimate winner?

*NEW* Reading: Supporting your child's reading at home

There are also activities that have been set on Purple Mash for you to do!

Enjoy smiley

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