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Year 1 Home Learning Activities


Welcome to the Year 1 Home Learning page.


We hope you have had a good half term break and enjoyed a bit more time outside! We have lots of new optional extras to keep home learning fun and interesting this half term and help you to mirror the activities that are going on in school.


Your child may or may not need help but doing the activities together and using lots of praise will make the process a positive and enjoyable experience for all. We would love to celebrate the children's efforts so please email any learning that you would like to share to the address below and one of the teachers will get back to you at the end of the week.  


Remember: If you have any questions, contact and we will get back to you as soon as we can.


Each day, we would like your child to:

  • Read for 20-30 minutes (this can include story time)
  • Complete a Phonics activity
  • Complete an English or Reading Comprehension activity
  • Complete a Maths activity


You can now also find optional Art, History, Geography and Science projects on our other home learning page.


There are plenty of resources available to support your child, both in their resource packs and on our main Year 1 webpage.  

English Summer Term Learning *New*

We will be making some changes in the home learning resources and activities being provided in English during the second half of the Summer Term.

Up until now, the children have been completing a daily phonics worksheet and a reading comprehension activity. This provision will continue.

An OPTIONAL English task will also be provided, which will be a sequence of lessons to support children's writing skills (whilst also including some reading and grammar work). It is akin to the 'Talk for Writing' style of lessons and activities taught in class each day in school and throughout year groups. THESE LESSONS WILL BE FOLLOWED BY THE CHILDREN AT SCHOOL. A video will launch and conclude each unit of work.


Please note: it will probably be quite tricky to dip in and out of the Talk For Writing units as the work tends to build on previous activities. Remote learners therefore have the option of either: continuing with the phonics and reading comprehension work; OR, continuing the phonics and following the new Talk for Writing units of work. If you wish to do all three activity options, you are very welcome!


For those children who do access the Talk for Writing work at home, your teachers would love to see your work. Take a photo of yourself doing an activity or a photo of some completed work and email it to Your teachers will provide feedback once a week.


Please remember you may wish to choose the year group above for a greater challenge or the year group below if you feel the work is too tricky.

Maths Summer Term Learning

We will be using a new set of resources in the Summer Term specifically to enable children to be as well prepared as possible for when they return to school. For each day, there is a tutorial video, a worksheet (Get the activity) and the answers (Get the answers).


The video starts with a FlashBack 4 activity which will be similar to what some of the children in school know as 5-a-day (a recap of skills). The videos then share the learning for the day and this is followed up by the worksheet. To access the work, follow the link below and select the video then 'Get the activity'.


You will notice that there were two weeks of lessons before the Easter break. You may wish to use these as additional work and they may help you further understand summer term work.


Please remember you may wish to choose the year group above for a greater challenge or year group below if you feel the work is too difficult.

CLICK HERE for all of this week's interactive Maths teaching videos (Mon-Fri)

Reserve Option Maths Booklets - Get the Activity

These booklets could be useful if you are finding the White Rose Maths work requires too much parental support and you need your child to work independently on their Maths. Please note that these booklets are a 'back up' option for you and not an extra task to complete or a replacement for the White Rose work. White Rose remains our first choice for Maths activities for your child. 

Reserve Option Maths Booklets - Get the Answers

*NEW* Supporting your child's reading at home

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