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School Closure: Click here for Websites on a variety of interests to engage your child


Keep checking in on this page.

Websites will be regularly added and any new ones will be found at the top of each section.


Over time, we will add more websites to the different sections that you can see below. If you have a child in a different year group, the websites are age related so each key stage might have some of the same and some different websites. We have grouped the Websites into:

All ages - these will appear on all year groups

EYFS and KS1 - these will appear on Reception Y1 and Y2 year pages

KS2L and KS2U -  these will appear on Y3, Y4, Y5, Y6 year pages.


Please investigate the sites, we have had fun researching them. 

Culture and Entertainment

Health: mind & body


Activities and Games