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Individual Home Learning (Stage 1 work - whilst waiting for a test result)

Please read with your child every day.  This could be a combination of listening to your child read, sharing a story with them or your child reading independently.  Please remember to record the reads in your child's school Reading Record.

At Longfleet, we use an app called 'Singalong Cursive Handwriting' to help support pupils' cursive handwriting development.  Each letter has a corresponding rhyme to help pupils learn the correct letter formation.  Please download the app to support your child with handwriting at home.
Talk for Writing Reception home school unit: Bertie and the Dragonfly
Week One Phonics activities
Week Two Phonics activities
Week One Maths activities
Week Two Maths activities
Miss Cox's Top 10 Topic Challenges
  • Make a 'funny food face' using different fruits and vegetables on a plate
  • Look in your kitchen cupboards and find a selection of foods that are healthy and a selection of foods that are unhealthy
  • Write a shopping list for your next visit to the supermarket.  Can you hear and say the sounds in the words and link them to letters?  Use your phonic knowledge to attempt the words
  • Have a blindfold taste challenge!  When blindfolded, can you guess foods purely from their taste or smell?
  • Make jelly using jelly cubes.  How does it change?  Why does it change?  Explore vocabulary such as, liquid, solid, melt and dissolve 
  • Have a go at making your own lunch.  Can you make a simple sandwich using basic kitchen equipment?  
  • Make pitta pizzas for your family! Toast pitta breads and top with tomato puree and some of your favourite pizza toppings.  Bake until the pizzas are cooked through
  • Use fruit and vegetables to do printing with paint.  Explore the shapes and textures they create.  Can you make a repeating pattern?  
  • Next time you are in the supermarket, or unpacking your shopping at home, take a look at the countries that different fruits and vegetables have come from.  Can you find those countries on a map or globe?  Google Earth is a fun way to explore places around the world
  • Create your own supermarket using items from your kitchen cupboards.  You could give your shop a name, design posters for it and make an 'open' and 'closed' sign.    You will need price tags for the food in your shop.  Use real pennies to pay for items  


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