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Miss Cox's Top 10 Play Challenges

  • Draw a picture of you and your family.  Can you label each person?  
  • Sing, 'Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes'.  Can you sing it in different ways- loud, soft, fast, slow?  
  • Look at family photos and talk about your family.  Who is the oldest?  Who is the youngest?  Where do your family live?  
  • Draw a picture of your home.  Talk about the features or rooms of your home.  What is the house/flat number?  Which road do you live on?  Which town do you live in?  
  • Make hand or foot prints with paint to make a repeating pattern.  Can you make a pattern using two colours?  For example, red hand print, blue hand print, red hand print, blue hand print.
  • Make a little book all about you.  On each page, you could share different information: your name, your age, your favourite toy, your favourite food, etc.
  • Can you name parts of your body? Your adult could give you some instructions to follow: hop on one foot, tap your head, pat your arm, wiggle your hips, etc.
  • Talk about the five senses.  Go on a senses walk in your home or outdoors.  What can you see, hear, smell, touch, taste?  
  • Make a rhyming paper chain- can you think of words that rhyme with 'cat'?  Or 'pig'?  Or 'man'?  They could be real words or nonsense words.
  • Play, 'Show me...' with your fingers.  Your adult says a number to 10 and you hold up the correct number of fingers.  Can you count them accurately?


Please visit the Charanga YuMu website for your music learning. You will need your login which was emailed to you at the start of lockdown. If you can't find the email you can contact the school office or For new weekly activities click on "assignments". There are also a number of singing and learning packages that you can access at any time.