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Please visit the Charanga YuMu website for your music learning. You will need your login which was emailed to you at the start of lockdown. If you can't find the email you can contact the school office or For new weekly activities click on "assignments". There are also a number of singing and learning packages that you can access at any time.

Miss Cox's top 10 challenges for 29th June-10th July:

  • Investigate the life cycle of a frog.  Use the template below to sequence the stages correctly.


  • Make a 'litterbug' character from old rubbish/recycling.  Maybe you could use a plastic milk bottle for a body and cardboard tubes for arms and legs.  What could you use for eyes?


  • Make a bird feeder.


  • Try bubble printing.  Mix a few drops of washing-up liquid, paint and some water in a basin (any size will do).  Take a straw and blow through it into the solution until the bubbles rise above the edge of the basin.  Place your piece of paper over the top and press down.


  • Design a bookmark to keep your place in your favourite books.  


  • Design a healthy lunch and help make it if you can.


  • Learn to cross the road safely with an adult.  Explore the Green Cross Code.


  • Do some online research to create a fact sheet about your favourite minibeast.  Describe three things you learned, two interesting facts and think of one question you have about your chosen minibeast.


  • Conduct a melting experiment.  Put these items in the sun: an ice cube, a piece of chocolate, some butter, a penny, a rock and a Lego brick.  Can you guess which will melt?  Why?  Make a prediction, then test your ideas.  Which items melted fastest?  Which items did not melt?


  • Talk to an adult and ask them what life was like when they were younger.  Ask a parent to write down your conversation.  If you have access to the internet, look up images from the year your parents were 4 or 5 years old, then look at the similarities and differences and talk about them.  Who else could you talk to and find out what life was like when they were 4 or 5?




Miss Cox's fab five challenges for 13th-17th July:
  • Create your own Sports Day events in your garden or at the park.  Some ideas could include: welly wanging, an egg and spoon race or a homemade obstacle course!
  • Investigate the life cycle of a seed.  Use the template below to sequence the stages correctly.
  • Explore the concept of symmetry.  Look at butterfly wings as an example.  Design your own symmetrical picture or pattern- draw a line through the centre of a piece of paper and make each half a mirror image of the other.  
  • Draw what you see on a walk in your local area.  If you cannot go outside, recall your route to school and any landmarks you usually pass.  You could use 'Google Street Maps' to help you.
  • Conduct a tasty experiment with Skittles or Smarties.  Arrange the Skittles in a circle around the edge of a plate.  Pour over enough warm water to cover all the Skittles and the plate itself.  Watch and wait as a rainbow appears on the plate!  The colours will move towards the centre and create a whirl of colour.