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Miss Cox's Top 10 Play Challenges

  • Talk about New Year resolutions.  What could be your resolution for 2021?  Have your family made any resolutions this year?  You could link this discussion to our school values of Resilience, Kindness, Wisdom and Aspiration as appropriate  
  • Match the coins that have rhyming words and put them in the treasure chest (see documents below).  Perhaps you could draw your own treasure chest and think of other words that rhyme to write on it.  Can you think of words that rhyme with 'man'?  Or 'sock'?  They could be real words or nonsense words
  • Sailors used to eat 'ship's biscuits' sometimes called 'hard tack' on long voyages.  As the name suggests, they were not very tasty!  You could decorate your own (tasty) ship's biscuits with icing, fruit or sprinkles, or perhaps even make your very own biscuits to enjoy with your family  
  • Pirate ships used a variety of flags, but perhaps the most famous is the 'Jolly Roger'.  Look at a 'Jolly Roger' pirate flag online.  Can you design your own pirate flag to show other pirates how important you are?  Which colours would you use?  Would it have any symbols on it?  What would those colours and symbols mean to other pirates approaching your ship?
  • Make a pirate prop out of junk materials, such as a dagger, sword, hat, belt or eye patch to use in your role play
  • Draw a treasure map and add labels, sounding out the words and linking the sounds to letters.  You can find some example maps online to give you ideas.  Your map might have a volcano, swamp, quicksand, caves, a bridge, hills, rivers and of course, it needs some hidden treasure!  Can you mark its hiding place with an 'X' to mark the spot?  
  • Organise a treasure hunt or scavenger hunt in your own home.  Hide an item and give clues to a sibling or grown up to find it.  Can you use positional language in your instructions, such as left, right, forwards, backwards, under, on top, beside, in between or next to?
  • Freeze some coins or 'treasure' in ice.  How can you 'free' the treasure?  Can you predict what might happen?  Can you talk about what you see happening?  What has changed?  Why?
  • Explore the local story of Harry Paye, the infamous Poole pirate.  Perhaps you could explore Poole Quay during your daily exercise?  

  • Sailors would sing 'sea shanties' during hard labour.  Have a go at learning actions to this children's sea shanty


Pirate rhyming game


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