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Year 1 Project Learning 

Welcome to our new and exciting project page! Here you can find Art, History, Geography, Science and RE activities to do at home with your child. We will be putting up new activities each week and the teachers would love to see your efforts at home. Please send any photos of your project learning to: and a teacher will get back to you at the end of the week.


The children in school will be doing the activities too and we have posted a timetable below to show when we will be doing each lesson. It would be really helpful to take note of the activities your child will be doing if they are coming to school part time so they don't double up!


For most lessons, there are three documents: a plan, a set of slides and worksheets. The 'plan' explains the learning involved and is designed for teachers and parents. The 'slides' are a set of slides to look through and discuss - the children may be used to seeing these in some subjects at school. The 'work' is a set of worksheets that will be explained in the 'plan'. There is no expectation that all of the work needs to be completed. Please remember that these units of work are optional.

Our timetable at school:

Our timetable at school: 1