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Talk For Write - More creative alternative to SPAG / Reading Comprehension

Talk for Write

This is an optional alternative set of activities. 

This will involve a sequence of lessons, lasting 2-3 weeks, based on one unit of work which has a greater focus on writing skills (whilst also including some reading and grammar work). It is akin to the style of lessons and activities taught in class each day in school and throughout year groups (Talk for Writing). These lessons WILL be followed by the children working in school. A video will launch and conclude each unit of work. Please note: it will probably be very tricky to dip in and out of the Talk For Writing units of work.

Over the next two weeks, in school the children of Key Workers will explore the text 'The Truth about Trolls', by Dean Thompson. For those of you following this on the 'Remote Learning Site' you have two options on how to view the work. In the PDF 'Year 3 The Truth about Trolls - unit 1', you will find the complete document and activities. Outlined below this document you will see the daily activity the children in school will be following. Under this outline you will see the daily activities with the date they will be used. PLEASE note there are a couple of additional activities that are not in the PDF 'The Truth about Trolls - unit 1'.

Get the Activity -Daily work is below the outline.

Unfortunately, due to technical issues we cannot upload the introduction video on to the website so it will be posted on to the school's Facebook page on Sunday.
Unit 3 Journey to the Jungle

The Stone Trolls outline of work to be completed in school

Monday 29th June

Read text, language features, comprehension p 7

Tuesday 30th June

Glossary, p 4 - 6

Wednesday 1st July

Plan list poem p 8 - 9

Thursday 2nd July

Write list poem p 8 - 9

Friday 3rd July

Let’s be Explorers p 10


Monday 6th July

Now for some grammar p 12 - 13

Tuesday 7th July

Plan idea p 11

Wednesday 8th July

Write Away p 14 Write paragraph 1 and 2

Thursday 9th July

Write paragraph 3 and 4, check edit and write up if time

Friday 10th July

Soupee bird, language features and glossary p 15 and top p 16


Monday 13th July

Innovate and design challenge p 16 - 17

Tuesday 14th July

Plan instructions p 18

Wednesday 15th July

Write instructions

Thursday 16th July

Write instructions, check and edit, write up if time. Evaluate p 21

Friday 17th July

Pick an activity from p 19 Do you want to do more writing?

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Week 2
Week 1

Previous Units

Unit 2 - The Stone Trolls

The Stone Trolls outline of work to be completed in school

Monday 15th June

Listen to the video and look at text.

Identify the language features used in the text.

What do you think of the story p 8

Act out

Tuesday 16th June 

Glossary cards - What do the words mean? p 7

Wednesday 17th June

Reading quiz and grammar games p 9 - 10

Thursday 18th June

Adjective game  p11 - 13

Friday 19th June

The preposition game p14 - 15


Monday 22nd June

Innovating and plan p

Tuesday 23rd and Wednesday 24th June

Write your story

Thursday 25th and Friday 26th June

Edit, improve, publish, add picture


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Week 2
Week 1

Previous Unit - The Truth about Trolls - Unit 1

The Truth about Trolls outline of the work to be completed in school

Monday 1 June - Lesson 1

Listen to the video and look at text.

Identify the language features used in the text.

Use the internet and research / find out about trolls

Tuesday 2 June - Lesson 2

Glossary - What do the words mean? p7

Wednesday 3 June - Lesson 3

Adjectives p8 – 9 DON’T do the creative challenge as this is tomorrow’s work.

Thursday 4 June - Lesson 4

Draw and label your own troll. What does your troll look like? Look at the subtitles in the text to add features to your drawing.

Friday 5 June - Lesson 5

Add on adverbs, fronted adverbials p10 -11


Monday 8 June - Lesson 6

Engaging adverbs p12

Tuesday 9 June - Lesson 7

Drop in clauses p13

Wednesday 10 June - Lesson 8

Planning your own information text / boxing up. Plan p14 -16

Thursday 11 June – Lesson 9

Start to write up your own information text using your plan.

Friday 12 June – Lesson 10

Finish writing up your text, edit and evaluate p17-18

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 Week 2

(Week 1 is below)

Week 1