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Year 4 Violin 2022 (whole class lessons)

End Of Term Performance

Well done to all our Year 4 pupils on their successful term of violin lessons with Mrs Stenwak! We're excited that some of those pupils will be continuing to learn the violin next year in a small group and hopefully join the school orchestra too. We hope you enjoy watching our end of term performances in this film. It starts with all three classes playing a piece together and then each class plays their own piece. Enjoy!

Violin Lesson 1

Hi Year 4. This is the first of our violin tutorial videos. Happy practising!

Violin Lesson 2

This second lesson introduces the D and A strings. It includes 3 new tunes played as duets or with piano accompaniment.

Violin Lesson 3

How to hold and use the bow. Jane says that you need a cardboard toilet roll and a cuddly toy for this lesson. We won't have those things at school when we do the lesson so we will be using our wonderful imaginations instead. You could try using them at home though!

Violin Lesson 4

This lesson is primarily concerned with detailed learning in the use of the bow together with a new piece in preparation for Lesson 5.

Violin Lesson 5

'Fast Lane' and 'In Flight'

Violin Lesson 6

In this video you learn how to do 'first finger' notes. The pieces on this video are In Flight, Lift Off and Katie's Waltz.

Violin Lesson 7

This lesson mainly concerns use of the first finger, continued from Lesson 6.

Additional Music for Small Group Violin Pupils

Year 5 Violin First Access Performance - Summer 2021

This is a recording of our current Year 6 pupils when they did the Violin First Access course in 2021. The first piece is performed by all three classes, then each of the classes performs a piece on their own.