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Welcome to Year R


How is this year group organised?


The year group is divided into 3 classes.
The class teachers are:


  1. Miss L Cox- Ladybirds
  2. Miss E Ramshaw- Bumblebees
  3. Miss A Morton- Butterflies
  4. Miss L Butters- Butterflies


The teaching assistants based in Year R this year are:


  1. Mrs A Dacosta
  2. Mrs L Lidiard
  3. Mrs P Hillier
  4. Mrs C Matthews


Collection of Children


Teachers of Year R children escort their class to the class door and ensure each pupil is handed over to a parent or carer.
Pupils who are not collected remain with the teacher until suitable collection is organised.

Class teachers will endeavour to make themselves available at the end of each school day if you wish to speak to them.


If there is a change to the routine, or a different person is collecting the pupil, the class teacher may be notified via the home school link booklet.
Alternatively, the school office must be informed.
If arrangements are changed during the day, parents are asked to telephone the school office with the details of the new arrangements.


How can you help?


  • Encourage your child to enter the classroom independently upon arrival at school each day
  • Ensure your child brings a named book bag every day
  • Provide your child with a named water bottle
  • Name all clothing to help your child identify their own belongings
  • Ensure all jewellery (including ear-rings) is removed on PE days
  • Complete set homework tasks with your child. We recommend ten minutes reading time every day
  • Use the home school link booklet to share important messages with the class teacher. 


Information for Parents

More Information on Specific Year Group Curricula


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