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Year 3

How is this year group organised?


The year group is divided into 2 classes.

The Class teachers are:


  1. Mrs C Hampton
  2. Miss P Irons
  3. Ms L Rocha (Part Time)
  4. Mrs M Evans (Part Time)


The teaching assistants based in Year 3 this year are:


  1. Mrs J James
  2. Miss P Old
  3. Mrs R Bartlett
  4. Miss C Cooke


General Expectations/Rewards & Sanctions

As with other year groups, we expect all children to try their best and work hard in the classroom and in lessons.
We always encourage the children to treat each other, and all adults with respect and kindness. In accordance with the rest of the school, we follow the behaviour policy whereby positive behaviours are rewarded and negative behaviours sanctioned in a way appropriate to key stage two.
Please see the on-line behaviour policy for further details.

You will already be familiar with House Points and whole class Marble Rewards.
Additionally in Year 3, a child who has demonstrated exemplary behaviour or produced outstanding work will be rewarded with a headteacher’s certificate during Friday’s Family Assembly.

We will continue to encourage greater independence and responsibility and hope that you will also support your child in achieving this.
Although we expect a great deal from your child, we offer a huge amount of praise and recognition for effort, achievement and good behaviour as well!



We will be studying some exciting topics this year:


  • Autumn One: Dinosaurs!
  • Autumn two: Evacuees
  • Spring One: Our Bodies
  • Spring Two: The Captive Celts
  • Summer One: Rainforests
  • Summer Two: Different People, different lives


A home learning sheet will be sent home at the beginning of each topic and, on the reverse, a topic web outlining teaching / learning coverage. Items highlighted indicate opportunities for outdoor learning.



The children will continue to be taught following the guidance from the National Literacy Framework.
Areas which will be taught include: letters, sounds and spelling, sentence structure and punctuation, understanding of whole texts and meaning, handwriting (including the joined script for some children), writing for different audiences and purposes, and learning about text types.
In addition to this, they will also undertake activities involving speaking, listening and drama.



The children will continue to be taught following the guidance from the National Numeracy Framework.
Areas which will be taught include: mental strategies for solving problems, number patterns, addition and subtraction, multiplication and the 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 10 times tables, division, shape, measuring (time, length, weight and capacity) and data handling.


Foundation Subjects

Other curriculum areas (History, Geography, ICT, D&T, Art) will be introduced to the children through their topic work and in practical activities taking place within Literacy and Maths lessons.
Science will be taught separately following the National Curriculum guidance.
R.E. will be taught discretely in block weeks.
The children will have weekly Music lessons with our specialist music teacher, Miss Stuart.
Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education (PSHCE) will also take place weekly.


Physical Education (PE)

Please ensure that all PE kit and clothing is named, especially when replacing any items mid-year.
PE Lessons take place on Wednesdays and Thursdays.
Tracksuit bottoms may be worn for outdoor lessons (in the winter months).
Please ensure your child’s plimsolls fit properly so that they are able to run in them.
Children should not wear jewellery in school.
They may wear ‘studs’ if they have their pierced ears, however for health and safety, these MUST be removed on PE days prior to coming into school.
If your child has only just had their ears pierced, please supply a roll of micro-pore tape which can then be applied over the earrings.

N.B. May we also remind you that long hair MUST be fastened back for school to ensure safety and to minimise the risk of catching and/or passing on head lice.


Equipment/Pencil Cases

In the Autumn term of Year 3 we provide all of the pencils and crayons for pupils so please DO NOT send your child into school with a pencil case.
However, after Christmas children will be allowed to bring in their own small, slimmed lined pencil case that will fit inside their tray.
Also toys and card games must not be brought into school as this generally leads to lots of fiddling and lost items.
Should any of these items inadvertently appear in school, the teacher will look after them until the end of the day.
Those children who ‘scoot’ to school may store their scooters in their year group’s storage box.
Please can you ensure that they are folded and stored away tidily.



Children will bring home a literacy and numeracy homework every Friday alongside a set of spellings.
It would be very helpful if you could work with your child on the activities provided.
Completed homework (and the folder it was given in) should be returned to school by Wednesday.
Children who manage to hand their homework in on time, will be rewarded with a House Point.
Home learning sheets will be sent home at the start of each new topic.
Children are encouraged to complete at least three activities which should be handed in throughout the course of the half term.
Usually a viewing of the home learning work will be arranged towards the end of each topic for parents to attend.



A spelling list will be sent home every Friday (with their homework).
These spellings will be based upon either the high frequency word lists, phonics work or topic words being taught in class.
Please help your child to practise their spellings at least three times a week.
We will have a spelling test every Friday morning.
We advise that the children keep each sheet rather than send them back to school (as this will support their on-going learning).


Reading (Home Books & Guided Reading)

The Year 3 reading scheme is progressive from Year 2.
Please listen to your child read as frequently as possible.
They may change their school reading book as often as they wish, but it is now their responsibility to remember to do this!
We thank you in advance for all your support with your child’s reading at home.


Home/School Link Booklets

Please use the home/school link booklet for any short messages.
Your child will need to either hand the message to their teacher or teaching assistant.
If you need to meet with the class teacher, please make an appointment via the school office.


Dropping off / Collecting Your Child

Please ensure your child arrives on time each morning.
Children can come straight into class at 8.50, when the bell rings.
Your child must be in class by 8:55am in time for the register.
If your child arrives after 9:00 please make sure they come in through the office, where they can sign in.
Upon collection at the end of the school day, please wait at the gates located adjacent to the playing field.
Your child will be led out and expected to wait with their class teacher until they can see the person who is collecting them.
Please inform your child’s class teacher if you would like them to be collected from the lower school playground as they can then be accompanied by a teaching assistant.
Any children who have still not been collected by 3.25pm will be sent to the front entrance to await collection with Miss Chapman.



Please do not hesitate to contact us about any aspect of your child’s work or behaviour, or if you have any questions.


Information for Parents