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Year 6

How is this year group organised?


The year group is divided into 3 classes.

The Class teachers are:


  1. Mrs Brehaut (Leopards)
  2. Miss Wood (Pumas)
  3. Mrs Taylor / Mrs Turner (Jaguars)


The teaching assistants based in Year 6 this year are:


  1. Mrs Lawrence
  2. Ms Lawson
  3. Mrs Gardiner


Reading Records

Reading records and reading books are expected to be in school every day. During a week, a child is expected to complete at least 3 reads at home and have their reading record signed by an adult on each occasion. The reading record will be checked each Thursday and if there are 3 reads signed in the reading record then the child will receive a reading raffle ticket. 


Home Learning

Home learning will go home every week on a Thursday. It needs to be completed and returned by the following Tuesday. Home learning will alternate half-termly:

1) Autumn One  - one piece of Maths work accompanied by ten spellings to learn OR

2) Autumn Two - one piece of English work accompanied by learning of times table / arithmetic.


Home learning optional activities will be provided in Autumn two and these will be shown in a whole school exhibition at the end of the term.



Within the English curriculum, the children will be taught reading, writing, speaking & listening and spelling & grammar (SPAG) skills. This will include: letters, sounds, spelling rules and grammar, sentence structure and punctuation, understanding of whole texts and meaning, handwriting (cursive script), writing for different audiences and purposes, and reading of different styles of texts. We encourage the children to be reading and writing as much as possible and any opportunities that you may find at home would also greatly benefit their learning.



Within the Mathematics curriculum, children will be taught a range of skills, including: mental and written strategies for solving problems, number patterns, addition and subtraction, multiplication and times tables, division, shape, measure (time, length, weight and capacity) and data handling. Children will have a variety of opportunities to apply their reasoning and fluency within mathematics through a range of practical and problem solving activities. They will also be learning how to apply their mental skills in arithmetic.



As we are a new team this year, we are currently looking at the topics studied throughout the year.

Autumn one - Anglo-saxons

Autumn two - Science based - a rotation of topics.


Should you have any questions regarding year 6, please speak with your child's class teacher.


Information for Parents

Topic Web Autumn 2

English text October 2017

The Watertower by Gary Crew. This book is currently being studied. The sequel will follow later this week.

20 Books to read in Year Six

20 Books to Read in Year Six


This year we have selected 20 must read books for Year Six and we hope that you will be able to support your child in reading these books over the course of the year. Most of the books are available in our school library or the local library. When your child has read a book from the list please sign to confirm that the book has been read.


Many thanks

Team Year Six

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