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Coastal Learning Partnership is the admissions authority for its member schools and, as such, admissions policies are determined by the Trust Board and in line with requirements of the Statutory Admissions Code.  Coastal Learning Partnership works closely with the relevant Local Authorities in the administration of its determined admissions policies.


Please follow the link below to access the admissions policies and further information on applying for a school place:

Prospective Reception Starters' Information Letter

In the attached letter (please see below) from the headteacher, Mr Helm, you will find a range of information about the school and how to apply.  Usually, Mr Helm would give tours of the school to prospective parents/carers but this is not possible in the current circumstances so we have filmed a 15 minute presentation (please click on the link below).  Mr Helm will be available via a phone call on Wednesday mornings should anyone have any specific queries.  If you have any questions about the admissions process or starting school please contact Mrs Kelly Price our Family Worker (