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Year 2

How is this year group organised?


The year group is divided into 3 classes.

The Class teachers are:


  1. Miss Dike - Year Leader and Turtles Class Teacher
  2. Mr Mace - Dolphins Class Teacher
  3. Miss Dawson - Lobsters Class Teacher 


The teaching assistants based in Year 2 this year are:


  1. Mrs Brewster
  2. Miss Jones
  3. Miss Kingshott
  4. Mr Brown


General Expectations/Rewards & Sanctions

To ensure a positive working atmosphere, we have high expectations of all pupils. We encourage the children to try their best, work hard and follow our school values of kindness, resilience and aspiration. We also expect children in Year 2 to take greater responsibility for their organisation in order to become confident and independent learners. In accordance with the rest of the school, we follow the behaviour policy whereby positive behaviours are rewarded and negative behaviours sanctioned in a way appropriate to Key Stage One. Please see the on-line behaviour policy for further details.

You will already be familiar with the Headteacher Award, House Points and whole class Marble Rewards. Additionally in Year 2, children can be rewarded by taking home Terence the Turtle (Turtle Class), Dudley the Dolphin (Dolphins) and Larry the Lobster (Lobsters) for the weekend.




We will be studying some exciting topics this year:


  • Autumn One: Where in the World
  • Autumn Two: The Great Fire of London
  • Spring One: Safety at Sea
  • Spring Two: Harbour Lives
  • Summer: Environment



Within the English curriculum, the children will be taught reading, writing, speaking & listening and spelling & grammar (SPAG) skills. This will include: letters, sounds, spelling rules and grammar, sentence structure and punctuation, understanding of whole texts and meaning, handwriting (cursive script), writing for different audiences and purposes, and reading of different styles of texts. We encourage the children to be reading and writing as much as possible and any opportunities that you may find at home would also greatly benefit their learning.



Within the Mathematics curriculum, children will be taught a range of skills, including: mental and written strategies for solving problems, number patterns, addition and subtraction, multiplication and times tables, division, shape, measure (time, length, weight and capacity) and data handling. Children will have a variety of opportunities to apply their reasoning and fluency within mathematics through a range of practical and problem solving activities. They will also be learning how to apply their mental skills in arithmetic.



Physical Education (PE)

Please ensure that all PE kit and clothing is clearly named, especially when replacing any items mid-year. PE kit must be in school all week so that children can participate in PE and other activities. Tracksuit bottoms and school jumpers may be worn for outdoor lessons in colder months. Please ensure your child’s plimsolls fit properly so that they are able to run in them. Children should not wear jewellery in school and EARRINGS MUST BE REMOVED on PE days*. Children with earrings will not be allowed to take part in PE lessons for health and safety reasons, as outlined in the local authority policies.
*On days in which a child is attending an after school sports club, earrings should also be removed.

May we also remind you that hair MUST be fastened back for school to ensure safety and to minimise the risk of catching and/or passing on head lice. Please check your child’s hair regularly!



In Year 2, we provide all of the pencils and crayons for pupils so please do not send your child into school with a pencil case. Also toys and games (including costume jewellery) must not be brought into school as this generally leads to lots of fiddling and lost items. Should any of these items inadvertently appear in school, the teacher will look after them until the end of the day. Those children who scoot to school must store their scooters neatly in their year group’s grey storage box (located outside Turtle Class). Please can you ensure that they are folded and stored away tidily.


Home Learning

Children will be given home learning activities every Thursday. Areas covered include Spellings, Maths and English. It would be very helpful if you could work with your child on the activities provided. Completed homework should be returned to school by the following Tuesday.


Reading (Home Books & Guided Reading)

Please listen to your child read as frequently as possible. They may change their school reading book as often as they wish, but it is now their responsibility to remember to do so! (They will be shown how to do this at the start of the year). We have launched a new reading reward scheme in Key Stage One, 'Go WILD for Reading'. A challenge sheet will be stuck inside your child's Reading Record with four blank letters. The aim of the challenge is to colour in each letter in order to receive a pin badge to put on your child's book bag or jumper. Your child can colour in a letter every time they complete two pages of their Reading Record (11 reads). 

Within Guided Reading, the class teacher works with a different reading group every day on their reading and comprehension skills. This also acts as an ongoing assessment and informs the teacher when the child is ready to move up to the next book band. There are many objectives to meet within the curriculum (i.e. relating to phonics, decoding, comprehension, extracting information, making comparisons, predictions, talking about text features) and it is vital that the children are not rushed through the reading levels. We thank you in advance for all your support with your child’s learning at home.



In year 2 Common Exception word mats are used to help the children to spell tricky words. These are words that do not follow the usual spelling rules. Every child has a copy of this in their Reading Record to use at home. 


Home/School Link Booklets

As the teachers and teaching assistants are very busy in the mornings, messages should be passed on through the Home/School link booklets. From Year 2, we do not check book bags so please ensure that your child hands any messages to a teacher or teaching assistant (or places the link booklet into the wallet on the door). If you wish to meet with the teacher personally, please book an appointment through the office. Similarly, if your child is due to attend a medical appointment or be absent from school for any reason, please inform the office.


Key Stage One Assessments

As Year 2 marks the end of Key Stage One, the children’s attainment (in Writing, Reading, Speaking and Listening, Spelling and Grammar (SPAG), Maths and Science) will be reported to both yourselves and the Department for Education at the end of the school year. With the introduction of the new National Curriculum to Year 2, there have been some changes to how we assess and report your child’s attainment and there are now formalised national assessments . Further assessments are carried out in an informal way throughout the year, and judgments are made by the class teacher using each child’s class work, alongside a more formal assessment at the end of each term. Spring Two and Summer One are particularly crucial half terms in Year 2 due to assessments and moderation, and we kindly request that children are in school as much as possible.


Phonics Screening Tests

Those children who did not pass the Year 1 Phonics Screening Test will be tested again at the end of Year 2. These children will receive extra phonics support throughout the year. The class teacher will be able to advise you of any extra support that can be given at home, during the Parent/Teacher Consultation.


Dropping off / Collecting Your Children

Please ensure your child arrives on time each morning. Children should be dropped off outside their classrooms between 8.40 and 8.50. Your child MUST be in class by 8:55 in time for the register. If your child arrives after this time, please make sure they come in through the office, where they can sign in.

Upon collection at the end of the school day, please wait on the main playground near the cage area, where the classes will be led out by their class teacher. Children will be expected to stand in their class line until they can point out (to their teacher or T.A.) the person who is collecting them. Please do not collect your child from their class line as they are walking out as the teacher will not know who that child has gone home with and their safety is our priority. Children will only be allowed to walk down to the reception playground to meet with younger siblings following prior discussion and a letter to the class teacher, confirming this wish. It is also essential that you inform us, via the home/school link booklet, if your child will be collected by someone different. If arrangements have been made during the day, please inform the school office who will then pass on the information to the class teacher. Any children who have still not been collected by 3.25pm will be taken to the front entrance to await collection with Mrs Price. However, we politely request that you are prompt when collecting your child, as we very often have meetings straight after school. We thank you in advance for your co-operation with this.



Please do not hesitate to contact us about any aspect of your child’s work or behaviour, or if you have any questions. We also appreciate any positive feedback to help us inform our planning and to help us know what is especially helpful, useful or enjoyable.