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Competitive Sport

At Longfleet we are proud of not only the amount of competitive sport on offer, but also the breadth of competitive sports we have. 



Longfleet have established the "KS1 Howieson Cup", a mixture of competitive and "festival" type events. These encourage Year One and Year Two children to represent the school in a variety of different sports. At the moment, there are six schools in this mini-partnership.


Over the course of the year, there may be as many as 10 events including these schools. These events range from football tournaments/festivals, cross-country, multi-skills, tri-golf and athletics. It is a chance for these children to represent the school early in their young lives, play against other schools and take pride in their performances.



We pride ourselves on producing as many teams as possible in each sport to represent the school. For instance in Year 5/6 Netball there may be up to four teams, as many as there are in Year 3/4 Football. As well as being in local Netball and Football leagues, we also aim to play as many friendlies as possible, especially for those in the C and D teams.


Running Club on a Friday lunchtime has produced a hard-working team of Cross-Country runners, who regularly go to events around the county. Other sports are heavily attended in the Spring and Summer months, including Tag-Rugby, Cricket, Tennis, Athletics and Rounders.


SEND Sport:

We also offer excellent opportunities to represent the school for SEND children. Recently we have attended sailing regattas, watersports events, boccia tournaments and table-cricket matches. We also provide a weekly swimming session with a professional swimming coach for those with SEND.