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School Food

Longfleet Primary School Food & Meals

Mid Morning Break

We have a healthy eating policy at Longfleet Primary School and do not allow sweets/chocolate/biscuits.


We provide free fruit daily for Reception to Year 2, so no snack is required. Older children may bring fruit/carrots/raisins for a snack at morning playtime.


Chewing gum is NOT ALLOWED at school.



Longfleet School provides hot meals via Chartwells.  Payment for hot school meals can now be made online via Chartwells.




All hot meals to be ordered through Chartwells.



Packed Lunches

Provision is also made at lunchtime for children to eat a packed lunch. We ask that you send a suitable, well balanced, nutritious meal. Food should be in a small lunch box (named please!) and drinks should be in a leak proof plastic container with a straw or cup. No fizzy drinks or glass please.


NO NUTS OR SESAME SEEDS PLEASE as some children and staff are allergic to them and may be given them unwittingly.

Free School Meals

If you qualify for free meals (i.e. you are in receipt of Income Support or Jobseekers' Allowance) parents need to contact the Borough of Poole for further information, telephone number 01202 634250.