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Longfleet Friends (PTA)

All parents and carers of children at Longfleet are automatically members of Longfleet Friends. We are an open community of volunteers who work alongside the school and teachers to benefit the school and ensure the best educational experience for all its pupils. All the funds we raise go directly back to the school to support them in creating an environment in which they can thrive. However, it is not just about the fundraising, we support the school with their events, we provide social functions for both the adults and the children and provide extra friendly faces throughout the school to help parents enrich their social support network. 


Each year we raise thousands of pounds, most recently our largest donation has been £7,000 towards the new ARK facilities and we're currently trying to fund raise for a further £3,000. We have also paid for the climbing wall, the house token system and monkey bars. We have also supported the school with numerous smaller donations paying for reading badge pins, the reading shed, fluffy friendship owls and plenty more. Every year we also donate £5 per pupil towards their school trips. We also pay for the less glamorous plates, cutlery, napkins etc, for the annual Christmas dinner which enables the school to offer the meal to all students and cope with such an increased number of pupils eating without having to increase the cost of the school lunch.


We are often seen providing refreshments at school event, some we do try to make extra special to help raise a bit of extra funds, such as at sports day, others we are just there to serve the tea and coffees such as at the Longfleet Music Evening last year, we also help fund raise along side the school. Where they have an idea of how they might like to fund raise, whether it's the staff or the students, we're there to give our support with extra pairs of hands.