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Global Citizenship, Courageous Advocacy and British Values

Global Citizenship and Courageous Advocacy

As a Church of England School we want our pupils to have confidence in their ability to play a role in ensuring that the world we live in is fair and just for all of God's children.  Also, to have a deeper understanding of the Christian concept of 'stewardship' in that we are looking after the amazing world that God created so that future generations can have the opportunity to live an abundant life.


To support the children's understanding of these ideas, each year group undertakes a unit of work whose foundation is based on us being 'Global Citizens' who are willing to be 'Courageous Advocates' if something is not fair.  For a fuller explanation of how this concept is delivered at Longfleet, please read the information sheet above.  For examples of work from the units, please read the articles in the newsletter below.



The following values have been defined by the government as being 'British':-

  • Democracy
  • Rule of Law
  • Tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs
  • Individual Liberty
  • Mutual Respect


By understanding and respecting the Longfleet school values of Aspiration, Resilience, Kindness and Wisdom as well as following the school's behaviour system, the children will naturally be displaying some of the attributes associated with the British values.  We also make links throughout out curriculum work where appropriate e.g. we learn about a range of faiths within RE, in our PHSE lessons there is an emphasis on the rights of an individual to be free to express their own views etc.  Throughout the year there are a range of additional curriculum activities such as voting for the Captains' Council, each year group does a community action project e.g. visiting a local care home, litter picks etc. which help to put some of the values into a real life context.  In our Courageous Advocacy Units of Work (see above for more information) we discuss the links between the areas studied and the British Values.