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School Trips

School Visits & Trips


School visits have a clear educational purpose and provide stimulus, support and extension to the curriculum.

Dorset offers marvellous first-hand experiences in many areas which we utilise when possible.

During the year it is anticipated that local and longer distance visits will be arranged depending on the age of children and the project being studied.
We also enlist the expertise of local people in school.



Various visits are organised for the pupils during their seven year stay at Longfleet Primary School which enrich the curriculum and educational experience of the children.


This we value greatly.


Where a cost is incurred parents will be asked to make a voluntary contribution towards this. If we do not receive sufficient voluntary contributions, we may cancel a trip.


We hope that parents will support these visits financially. We would wish all children to have the opportunity to join trips regardless of financial circumstance, and parents should contact the Head Teacher, if there is a problem.


Full details of the different category of trips and visits together with our approach to funding are explained in greater detail within the school charging policy. The school subsidises some events/trips, depending on the circumstances.


Poole and East Dorset School Sports Association
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