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Worship Time

Worship Time - Weekly Summaries


Please see the headteacher for a full copy of the weekly Worships (the files are too large for the website as include videos etc.).  They are also recorded via Google Classroom and can be shared to families at home.  Please see an example of a virtual Worship below from the St. Mary's Longfleet Children's Team which was shared with the pupils during our Harvest celebrations.

Worship Time 10


In our Worship sessions this week we have been looking at rules and instructions.  We discussed how the Bible could be called the Holy Way Code (a bit like the Highway Code) as it can be used to help us to understand God’s rules.  Underpinning our Longfleet school rules is the simple concept of ‘Being Kind’.  In the Bible, Jesus tells us that there are two simple or golden rules to follow: -


  1. Love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul and all your mind.
  2. Love your neighbour as you love yourself.


There are times in life when following the ‘rules’ requires a degree of resilience but we reflected upon the fact that these instructions help us to live together safely.


Worship Time 9


Let all that you do be done in love.(1 Corinthians 16:14)


This week’s Worship Times were centred on the fact that it is Anti-Bullying Week.  The theme this year was ‘United Against Bullying’.  On the policies page of the school website there are three policies which outline the school’s and Trust’s approach to behaviour and bullying: -

Longfleet’s Behaviour System:


Partnership wide policy for behaviour principles, reasonable force and exclusions:


Anti-Bullying Policy:


Worship Time 8


This week we have been looking at values.  We have discussed what values matter to us as individuals, thought about the school values that unite us a community and learnt about the defined British values that help us to live together as a harmonious society.  These British values are: -

  • Mutual respect including tolerance towards those of different faiths, cultures and beliefs
  • Democracy
  • Rule of Law
  • Individual Liberty

Obviously, these are very ‘big’ concepts and so we have initially been thinking about how and where we can show these British values within school.  As it says in Matthew 7:2, “So in everything you do, do for others what you want them to do for you.”


Worship Time 7


This week we had the pleasure of the Children’s Team from St. Mary’s Longfleet Church lead our Harvest Worship.  To quote one member of staff, “I watched it with a Year 1 class and they were utterly transfixed. There was so much time and thought put into it and the mixture of storytelling, information, interaction and prayer was perfect. It was very professionally edited too. Thank you to everyone involved.”  The worship is available to view in each of Google Classrooms.  Thank you to everyone who donated food items to the Poole Food Bank.  Our Y6 Captains’ Council members delivered the produce to their central hub.  As it says in Proverbs 11:25, “A generous person will prosper; whoever refreshes others will be refreshed.”


Worship Time 6


In our Worship Times this week we have been thinking about Britain and the fact that one of the reasons we are ‘Great’ is because we are a multicultural society.  We discussed that living within the four countries of the United Kingdom there are a mix of people who have different religious and cultural traditions.  It is also the same within our school.  We reflected upon how we should take the time to talk to each other to find out more about what makes us who we are as individuals.  We shared the following prayer: -

Dear God,

We are thankful for all the nations of the world.

We are thankful that we live in a nation where we have the opportunity to mix and experience other cultures daily.

May we all work together, to celebrate our differences, but more importantly, focus on what unites us.



Worship Time 5


This week in our Worship Time we have been thinking about the power of speech and that our voices can be a force for good (but also for unkindness).  This point is emphasised in the Book of James (3:4-5) where it says, “Although ships are so large and are driven by strong winds, they are steered by a very small rudder.  Likewise, the tongue is a small part of the body but it has great power.”  As October is Black History Month, our minds are drawn to the famous Martin Luther King speech where he used his voice to appeal for a fairer and more equitable society for all people regardless of the colour of their skin.  In school this week we have heard some fabulous speeches from selected pupils in Y2, Y4 and Y6 as they have attempted to win the vote to be a House Captain.  Congratulations to all the pupils that spoke as they showed they had an aspirational attitude, a sense of resilience and a great degree of wisdom.


Worship Time 4


This week in our Worship Time we have been focussing on not judging people by the way they look.  We used two bananas as examples because of the huge amount of wastage there is when a piece of fruit does not conform to a ‘standardised’ image.  The story of King Saul, David and Goliath is a biblical example of where it is a mistake to judge someone on their appearance.  As it says in 1 Samuel 16:7, “The Lord doesn’t see things the way you see them.  People often judge by outward appearances, but the Lord looks at the heart.”


Worship Time 3

This week in our Worship Time we have been focussing on being welcoming to others.  We have learnt about different ‘welcomes’ around the world and heard about how Jesus was welcoming towards a man who was deaf and mute (Mark 7:31-35).  One of the prayers we shared was: -

Dear God,

We are thankful for warm welcomes.

We are grateful for people who take the time to show us care and concern, who give us attention and thoughtfulness especially at times when we feel awkward and lonely.

May we be caring and concerned when new people start our school, help us make them feel welcome and to understand how they might be feeling.



Worship Time 2

This week we have been thinking about accepting others for who they are and not making a judgement about someone if they look or do things differently to ourselves.  We talked about the example that Jesus gave of a man who notices a speck of dust in his brother’s eye while failing to see the plank of wood in his own (Matthew 7:3).  One of the prayers we shared was: -

Dear God,

As we grow and develop, may we become who we are really meant to be.

May we also remember to accept others and help them to become who they are meant to be too.


Worship Time 1

In our worships this week we have been thinking about some of the tallest buildings in the world through history eg. The Lighthouse of Alexandria, the Empire State Building, the Burj Khalifa and the fact that they all need strong foundations.  In Matthew 7 it tells us about the time Jesus delivered his 'Sermon on the Mount' where he told his followers the parable of the wise man who built his house upon a rock.  We discussed that following good advice gives us a firm foundation to build our lives upon and if we follow God's word our 'house' won't fall down when their are darker days.


Worship Time (during Covid)


Monday = Whole School Virtual Worship

Tuesday-Thursday = Class Worship

Friday = Whole School Celebration Worship

Worship Time (pre-Covid)


Organisation of Collective Worship at Longfleet (CE) Primary School pre Covid:


Monday – KS2 Collective Worship

Tuesday – Class Worship

Wednesday – St Mary’s Longfleet Collective Worship

Thursday – Class Worship

Friday – KS2 Celebration Worship 

Monday – Class Worship

Tuesday – KS1/EYFS Collective Worship

Wednesday – Class Worship

Thursday – Hymn Worship

Friday – KS1/EYFS Celebration Worship 
Each half-term KS2 and KS1/EYFS swap the St Mary’s Longfleet and the Hymn Worships 

Worship Themes

Across the six half-terms within the school year we focus on:-

Wisdom (school value)

Resilience (school value)

Aspiration (school value)

Kindness (school value)

Making a difference (social action)

Life in all its Fullness (including our Whole School ‘Life in all its Fullness’ School Vision worship at St. Mary’s Longfleet)
We also cover the traditional Christian festivals of Christmas and Easter including services at SML.  Harvest is celebrated at SML Church including a collection for the Poole Food Bank.  Times of national commemoration are also covered e.g. Remembrance Day. 
SML Team Worship focusses on:-

Forgiveness and Reconciliation

The Importance of Prayer

The Holy Trinity