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Worship Time

The Prayer sung by Year 4

Worship Time - Weekly Summaries 2021-22


Below you will find a summary of the Worship Time for that week.  Please see the headteacher for a full copy of the weekly Worships (the files are too large for the website as include videos etc.).  The video Worships underneath the summaries are from the St. Mary's Longfleet Children's Team who supported the school fabulously during the various Covid lockdowns.

Worship Time 3


Mr Heawood’s ‘wonky’ trolley was a star feature of this week’s main worship.  Out of the four wheels, one was missing and one did not roll.  We discussed that this made it harder for Mr Heawood to help keep the school tidy.  As we have four school values (God’s blessings), we chatted about what it would be like if we did not have any of a particular value within us.  For example, what would it be like if we were full of resilience, aspiration and wisdom but had no kindness? Or, what if we had lots of kindness, wisdom and aspiration but gave up as soon as things got challenging?  Throughout the week, in our follow up worships, the children have thought about which value they might need to ‘top’ themselves up with and who they could ask for help in doing so.  We discussed that through talking to God in our prayers, we could ask for his guidance in helping us to keep the ‘level of our values’ balanced within us so that we do not go off on a ‘wonky’ course!  As it says in Matthew 7:7 in relation to talking to God, “Ask, and you will receive; seek, and you will find; knock, and the door will be opened to you.”


Worship Time 2


This week we have continued to unpick the meaning of our school vision, “Life in all its fullness” from the Book of John.  We talked about the idea of having a plentiful amount of God’s blessings (for example our school values of Aspiration, Resilience, Kindness and Wisdom) within us and then the importance of using these blessings to make a difference.  We used the story of the Good Samaritan, as an example from the bible, to demonstrate this concept in action.  In our Monday Worship, some of the children bravely volunteered to use their artistic skills to draw a picture of the school values within us such as a kind heart, hands and voice, a wise brain, showing resilience by standing on our own two feet and using the aspiration that flows around our bodies.


Worship Time 1


This week we have enjoyed being together again in the school hall for our Monday Main Worship and our midweek Singing Worship.  We have been focussing on developing a deeper understanding of our school vision, “Life in all its fullness” which comes from John 10:10.  On our school website - - Mark Hay from SML Church has produced a video recording to explain to parents the theological foundation of our school vision.  In our Worship Time we thought about building up a plentiful amount of God’s blessings (such as kindness, resilience, aspiration and wisdom – our school values) within us so that we can then make a difference to those in need by sharing the extra blessings we have available.  If we do this, we are living a plentiful and purposeful life – a life in all its fullness.


Worship Time


Organisation of Collective Worship at Longfleet (CE) Primary School:


Monday – KS2 Collective Worship

Tuesday – Class Worship

Wednesday – Hymn Worship or St Mary’s Longfleet Collective Worship

Thursday – Class Worship

Friday –Whole School Celebration Worship 

Monday – KS1 Collective Worship

Tuesday – Hymn Worship or St Mary's Collective Worship

Wednesday – Class Worship

Thursday – Class Worship

Friday – Whole School Celebration Worship

Worship Themes

Across the six half-terms within the school year we focus on:-

Wisdom (school value)

Resilience (school value)

Aspiration (school value)

Kindness (school value)

Making a difference (social action) and 'Life in all its fullness' (including our 'Life in all its Fullness' Service at SML)

Christianity Around the World
We also cover the traditional Christian festivals of Christmas and Easter including services at SML.  Harvest is celebrated at SML Church including a collection for the Poole Food Bank.  Times of national commemoration are also covered e.g. Remembrance Day. 
SML Team Worship focusses on:-

Forgiveness and Reconciliation

The Importance of Prayer

The Holy Trinity