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Worship Time

Worship Time


Organisation of Collective Worship at Longfleet (CE) Primary School:


Monday – KS2 Collective Worship

Tuesday – Class Worship

Wednesday – St Mary’s Longfleet Collective Worship

Thursday – Class Worship

Friday – KS2 Celebration Worship 

Monday – Class Worship

Tuesday – KS1/EYFS Collective Worship

Wednesday – Class Worship

Thursday – Hymn Worship

Friday – KS1/EYFS Celebration Worship 
Each half-term KS2 and KS1/EYFS swap the St Mary’s Longfleet and the Hymn Worships 

Worship Themes 2019-20

Across the six half-terms within the school year we focus on:-

Kindness (school value)

Wisdom (school value)

Aspiration (school value)

Resilience (school value)

Making a difference (social action)

Life in all its Fullness (including our Whole School ‘Life in all its Fullness’ School Vision worship at St. Mary’s Longfleet) 
We also cover the traditional Christian festivals of Christmas and Easter including services at SML.  Harvest is celebrated at SML Church including a collection for the Poole Food Bank.  Times of national commemoration are also covered e.g. Remembrance Day. 
SML Wednesday Worship will focus on:-

Forgiveness and Reconciliation

The Importance of Prayer

The Holy Trinity