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Sports Ambassadors

New Sports Ambassadors will be chosen soon (The applications are in!)


The Year 5 Sports Ambassadors are chosen in the first term. After handing in their application form, they are are chosen for evidence which shows their resilience, aspiration and kindness. The Sports Ambassadors have weekly tasks to complete, which may include:


-KS1 Active Time

-Ensuring PE equipment is safely stored

-Keeping PE equipment well maintained


During school-wide and CLP-wide sports events, the Sports Ambassadors will be called upon to help with setting up, scoring and officiating. Sports Ambassadors in the previous year helped score and set up the Harbourside Games, Sports Day, Howeison Cup events and friendlies played between Longfleet and local schools.


Further to this, Sports Ambassadors will complete Bronze Level Leaders Awards that will enable them to instigate and lead play/games with EYFS, Year One and Year Two pupils.