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Swimming is taught in Year 4 at Longfleet, usually in the Spring Term. This entails 12 weeks of swimming with professionally qualified coaches, who assess the children throughout the 12 weeks.


The children are initially assessed and placed into 3 groups, these will all be taught by swimming professionals.


At the "Apprentice" level, children will be taught such skills as:

-Entering the water confidently

-Move freely around the pool in different ways

-Push and glide from the poolside or bottom of the pool

-Blow bubbles in the water for 5 seconds

-Demonstrate different leg kicks whilst traveeling through the water.


At the "Professional" level:

-Picking up an object from shoulder depth water with two hands

-Log Roll 360 with arms extended at all times

-Tread water for 30 seconds and then swim 15m

-Swim 1 length (25m) frontcrawl

-Swim 1 length (25m) backcrawl

-Swim underwater 5m using any arms and leg combination

-Introduce breastroke two-hand touch turn with push and glide finish


At the "Expert" level, children would have already completed these tasks in club swimming. These children will be pushed towards speed and enhanced technique, and may well represent Longfleet at the Poole Schools Swimming Gala.


*Of the current Year 6 cohort 74% reached ARE in swimming.


*65/90 (72%) achieved the Swim Safety/Rescue Assessment


Any children who do not reach the "Professional" (ARE) level when assessed at the end of 12 weeks, could be "caught-up"  with sessions in Year 6.