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PACE Approach

PACE.. Playfulness. Acceptance , Curiosity, Empathy . learn how these can help you with your kids

Cara Jones, lead trainer for Treehouse Therapeutic Training, gives an insight as to the use of PACE.See us at, or...

'PACE' A guide in trying a different parenting approach

PlayfulnessAcceptanceCuriosityWonderHave a listen to see if this can support the way you think & respond to your child's behaviours...Bought to you by CAMHS ...

What is Therapeutic Parenting?

What IS Therapeutic Parenting? Sarah Naish explains in straight forward, jargon free language to set you on the right path to heal your traumatised child. Cr...

Dan Siegel - "Flipping Your Lid:" A Scientific Explanation

Dan Siegel: Name it to Tame it

How can you help a child who is having an emotional melt down? Learn brain-science basics and the two simple steps to calm a child who is experiencing inten...

Help I've Got An Alarm Going Off in My Head

This video helps children and young people understand what happens in their mind and body when they get stressed, anxious, worried. It helps them identify ...