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Can-Do Swimming Gala

Longfleet took the long journey to St Mary’s School, Shaftesbury, to take part in a swimming competition that showcased every child’s amazing resilience and perseverance. We were joined by other local schools, as well as special schools across Dorset, with all the children enthusiastic for what was, for some, their first taste of a swimming gala.

The children from Longfleet competed in the following races:


Jack M

Aided Width


Jack W

10m Front and 10m Back


Joseph C

10m Front and 10m Backstroke

Silver and Bronze Medal

Charlie F

10m Front 10m Backstroke


Lucas T

25m Front and 25m Backstroke


Millie K

25m Front and 25m Backstroke

Bronze Medal

Ovo O

25m Breaststroke and 25m Backstroke


George H

25m Front and 25m Backstroke



The children supported each other throughout the competition, cheering all the competitors and showing real joy at each other’s performances. A huge thank you to all the Longfleet staff who came to this event and work with the children, and to Mrs Kent, who takes the children swimming every Friday morning and works tirelessly on improving their technique and resilience in the water.


Look out for more “Can-Do” events in the Summer Term!