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Cricket World Cup Day

On Thursday, Longfleet held a Cricket World Cup Day to celebrate the Cricket World Cup coming to our school. A draw was made previously in which each year group was given a country to learn about and "be" during the day:


Year 1 - Australia

Year 2 - India

Year 3 - New Zealand

Year 4 - South Africa

Year 5 - West Indies

Year 6 - Sri Lanka


During the morning, each year group had cricket sessions with Dorset Cricket Board coaches, as well as learning about their country and practising for their afternoon performances.


In the afternoon, each year group walked to Poole High School's theatre for our very own "World Cup Opening Ceremony". This included seeing the real Cricket World Cup on stage, as well as each year group's fantastic performances, which included poetry, singing, music and dance. Each performance was so very different to the last but they were all outstanding.


Thank you to Poole High, Chance to Shine, the Dorset Cricket Board and Nissan for helping make the day the amazing cricket extravaganza that it was.