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Kindness Week 2021

In November we celebrated Anti-Bullying Week, or as we prefer to call it at Longfleet, Kindness Week. Throughout the week, children participated in several activities and assemblies around the theme of being kind to each other and understanding what bullying means. The week began with lots of children and staff wearing odd socks to celebrate that we are all different and that being unique is good. Each class created a Kindness Charter pledging kind and respectful behaviour to one another. We wrote letters and postcards saying thank you to people and thought about what we are thankful for. Children were awarded Kindness certificates and were given a card if they were 'caught' doing a random act of

kindness. Classes discussed the difference between bullying and banter and the impact of being unkind to people and the lasting affect this can have. The primary objective of the week was to focus on how being kind is so easy and yet makes such a huge difference to people and their wellbeing. Let the kindness spread!