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KS2 Harvest Service at St Mary’s Longfleet

To start our service, we started with a song that picks up our theme – ‘Harvest song’. Next, Year 5 performed a stunning poem called ‘Harvest Time’.


We explained that it is very easy to take the world around us for granted and that we should take care over what we do so we don’t harm the environment. Year 4 then sang a song which considers a world without its beauty and gives thanks for all we have ‘Think of a World’.


After that, Year 6 shared some poems that they wrote about the joy of harvest: Amy, Lucas, Yad, Berkan, Edwin, Amelia and Leone.


Our next song summed up our school values ‘kindness and generosity’. It shows that just a smile or a high 5 can go a long way just like our next song - Seeds of Friendship.   


Finally, Year 3 sang ‘Harvest Samba’ and we finished with ‘Thank you Lord’ and a closing prayer.