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Longfleet Go Gold for Dexter

Going Gold for Dexter
On Friday 23rd September, all the children and staff at Longfleet dressed in their finest gold, sparkly clothes to support 'Going Gold for Childhood Cancer' but especially for Dexter Constantine-Tatchell who we tragically lost to cancer on 27th July this year. 


Seven-year old Dexter passed away after an incredibly brave and hard-fought battle with a rare form of cancer called Rhabdomyosarcoma. Dexter was a truly special little boy, very much loved by all the staff and pupils at Longfleet Primary. His infallible will to live life to the fullest (teamed with a cheeky grin) will be remembered always, especially by the Crocodile Class and his friends who spent some very special times with Dexter towards the end of the summer term.


Over the past few weeks, Dexter's family have done the remarkable task of setting up a charity called Dexter's Arc which supports research into Rhabdomyosarcoma without the use of animal testing. It is operating as a branch of the charity, Alice's Arc which the Longfleet staff were raising money for at the end of last year. The 30 mile Harbour Walk raised an unbelievable £12,811.00 and we are so proud to be adding to that through the 'Going Gold' fundraising for Dexter's Arc. The grand total of this Friday's event will be updated once we have finalised the counting but we are delighted to say that it is in its thousands. A huge thank you to all the families that donated, bought candles, wristbands, badges, Achroma cards, hair bows and the extremely popular limited edition Dexter's Golden Dragon Eggs. Your generosity was beyond measure.


As a tribute to Dexter, Master of Dragons, we will be renaming one of our Year Three classes 'Dragons' next year. Thank you to Fraser for this fantastic suggestion.


Dexter and his family (some of whom are still to come through the school) will always have a very special place at Longfleet. We hope to continue raising money for Dexter's Arc and forever remember the golden soul that brought so much joy to everyone he knew.


Dexter couldn't have been more loved by his family. A heartfelt thanks to the Constantine-Tatchells for allowing the Longfleet family into theirs over the course of Dexter's illness. The memories we made are something we'll never forget.


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