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Longfleet Music Showcase 2022

On Thursday 24th March 2022,  Longfleet Primary School held a really special concert - our first since March 2020! Around 150 performers and an audience of about 350 packed out Poole High School Theatre for the special event. Despite a challenging two years, more pupils than ever are learning to play instruments at Longfleet and we have a record number of 72 pupils in our orchestra. Our orchestra opened the Music Showcase, bolstered by our fantastic peripatetic instrument tutors and the Poole High School Orchestra. Following the opening piece from the orchestra, around 150 pupils performed on orchestral and rock & pop instruments.  Despite some backstage nerves, all of the pupils, aged between 7-11, performed with confidence and poise. For many of them it was their first ever performance but you would never have known it! The evening ended with two brilliant songs from our awesome school rock band. For two hours we had been transported to a place of joy and magic, created by the hard work and aspiration of these fantastic children. To see all of the photographs visit the music page on the school website Music Showcase 2022 Photographs .Thank you to Jenny Holness and Jon Musselwhite for being our event photographers, to all our brilliant peripatetic tutors, our secondary school orchestra helpers, the Poole High School musicians & staff and all the Longfleet staff & parents who made this event possible. But most of all, well done to every single one of our Longfleet musicians! We are SO proud of you all!