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New Barn

We loved New Barn but it was very muddy in places, especially on the second day after we had been walking around and it had rained. We absolutely loved the food. At the BBQ we could have a sausage, burger, cheese and chips. We could have as much as we wanted as long as we ate what we took. The yummy pudding was Rocky Road. For breakfast you could have cereals, toast, sausage, bacon, baked beans and /or mushrooms and a drink.

During the survival activity day, we really enjoyed making embers. Some of us saw smoke. We also learnt how to collect water, which meant we had to build a water trap. We built a shelter after creating a plan using a mini version of the equipment, we would be given to create our life side shelters. Some of us were very successful and sadly some of our shelters fell over, but we had fun and worked on our team building skills. Our last skill was about getting food and we had a chance to throw spears, (parents – don’t panic, they were actually bamboo sticks!)


On the Celtic day we learnt how to grind flour. The people who had the Celtic Day on the first day were successful in making butter, unfortunately the children who did it on the second day were unsuccessful as it was cold and wet. We got to look at and hold Celtic weapons. They were heavier than they looked. We learnt many facts sitting around a fire in the Grand Hall, a mud hut made of poo and straw, covered in a chalk mixture. The session ended with a historical story around a fire in a round house. The smell in of the fire really got into our clothes and hair.


We returned home tired and happy to see our families, having had a great time.