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During the Easter holidays, a shocking incident occurred in the grounds of Longfleet Primary School. A report from the school site manager, Mr Heawood, reveals that a tremendous beanstalk came bursting through the school field, towering all the way up into the clouds above.
This dramatic incident left both himself and headteacher, Mr Helm, absolutely baffled, particularly as the mysterious beanstalk had disappeared the following morning. “In my 11 years working at this school, I have never seen anything like it! It created a terrible mess on the field and I’ve had to spend the majority of the holiday planting grass seed!” claims Mr Heawood. A further quote from Mr Helm states: “This very serious incident has left a lot of questions to be answered. I want to know everything about this beanstalk and hear from the people involved!”


The whole incident was captured on the school’s CCTV and shows the shocking moment that the beanstalk burst through the ground. Local Dorset police have been conducting enquiries and details surrounding the event are beginning to emerge. Hopefully the Year 1 children will find out more very soon!