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Year 3 Fossil Talk

Thursday afternoon we travelled back millions of years as Mr Ragget, Reuben’s grandad and volunteer at a museum near Kimmeridge, talked to us about fossils. We saw how the Earth’s continents looked millions of years ago and how the layers in rocks can show us the history of the Earth.
The Jurassic Coast is a fabulous place to hunt for fossils and it is full of natural history. The coast hides many fossils and ammonites, that are still being found.
Mr. Ragget had pictures of dinosaurs and spoke about what they ate and how they behaved. He explained how the fossils came to be on the sea floor and why we find fossils on the beach.
It was surprising how small some species of dinosaurs actually were. We were shown how small they were, smaller than us. Then he showed us one dinosaur tooth that was the size of our hand. This tooth would have been one of four in the mouth of a dinosaur bigger than our small hall. When the teeth became blunt the teeth fell out and another grew.