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Year 4 Roman Day

On Romans day, first we talked about Romans’ lives. Then we talked about Julius Caesar, Claudius and other famous Emperors.

Following this, we went outside to march. The Romans marched right foot then left foot. The names for right and left were: Right was Dex and left was Sin. We split into three groups: one group were using tiles to make Roman mosaics; the other group were trying out armour and looking at [holding] a shield while the third group were throwing fake spears and using catapults with fake golf balls. Then we swapped twice.

After break, we did some pretend gladiator fighting and they showed us some weapons that might have been used by gladiators in Roman times. We held fake gladiator fights against each other. We had to either be a Roman or an enemy.

In the afternoon, we were in our classrooms and we had a go at some Latin writing and some Roman cookery. It was a great day! by Tegan and Haydn, Year 4