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Year 5 Space Dome

The Space Dome

By Oliver T & Jacob R – Eagles


The Space Dome was epic! We learnt so many facts - it was awesome! For example, we learnt that the red spot on Jupiter is a storm as well as about other planets like Pluto, Neptune, Mars, Uranus and Venus. We also saw the different phases of the moon and the suns orbit with hi-tech holograms. Some of the best parts were when we zoomed in to different planets and saw all of their moons e.g. Deimos and Phobos (Mars’s moons). Uranus had the most moons and these are some of them: Ariel, Cupid, Sycorax, Caliban, Ophelia, Puck and Juliet. (Do you notice anything strange about these names? That’s right! Shakespeare names.)

There are such Galaxies as Cannibal Galaxies, which suck up other ones and can make some of those planets go into their Solar System! Did you know that the Milkyway Galaxy (that we are in) is actually a Cannibal Galaxy and is currently eating one? Andromeda (another Galaxy) is soon going to join our one in the next Century. One of the other things is that the planets in our Solar System orbit the sun and the Moon orbits our planet.

The last thing was that we were able to see a holographic blueprint; we saw inside it, the orbit of it, the rooms and the parts of the I.S.S. We finally saw how many light years it takes to get round the Milky Way and it was estimated over 9 hundred billion. We also watched a film of a rover on Mars and learnt that people are experimenting with life on Mars.