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Year 5 trip to Winchester Science Centre

               Year 5’s Trip to Winchester Science Centre

Year 5 went on a trip to Winchester Science Centre for their topic of EUREKA! First, we got on to the coaches and set off for a one-hour journey. When we got there, we split up into our groups and ventured to the ground or top floor.

Here are some explanations of the exhibits:

Mind Ball: The mind ball is an exhibit where you must relax to get the ball to your opponent’s end of the table.

The Vortex: The Vortex is an exhibit where you must turn around the handle to make a vortex.

The Colon Café: First, you had to get a ticket from a ticket machine and go in. Next, you scan your ticket. After that, you watch your digested food flow around your intestines. On your way out, it says: “WARNING, WARNING toxic gas is coming!

“I really liked the Colon Café!” Paige, Eagles.

“I liked the planetarium,” Liam W, Eagles.

 “I really liked the mind ball,” Archie H, Kites.                         



In our workshop, we learnt about the states of matter: liquids, gases and solids.

First, we had to show what the states of matter were. Then we had to do some experimenting. Let’s see if you can guess what we made. So it is sticky, kids love it and it is stretchy. So have you guessed yet?.........You have? Good! It’s slime of course. Then we had to gather all our slime into one ginormous piece of it.                                                     

The Planetarium

Last of all, we went in to the planetarium. A planetarium is a big dome that has a projector showing the night sky.  In addition, a remote controls the projector and makes the sky move.

Lyra and Haydn