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Our March Musician Of The Month is Freddie Mercury and this is a fun song to play on your DooD. Remember, the notes in the spaces spell F A C E (starting on the bottom space adn going upwards). The notes on the lines are
E (Every), G (Girl), B (and Boy), D (Deserve), F (Fun)The video underneath this one will help you practice reading the notes if you want to.
The notes in the top line (the chorus) are C B A G AA AA

Reading the Music Staff: Lines & Spaces Game!

Ode to Joy

The Lion Sleeps Tonight

Preparing for "Hot Cross Buns"

Hot Cross Buns

Eye of the Tiger Recorder Play Along

This song uses only three notes - BAG. It works for DooDs and recorders!

01. Introducing the DooD

The NUVO DooD is a beginners instrument designed specifically to teach the fundamentals of playing single reed woodwinds. A great way to prepare for moving up to the Clarinéo, jSAX, Clarinet or Saxophone. In this video Bruce introduces some of the main features and benefits of the DooD.

02. Changing the reed on your DooD

Bruce from NUVO explains how to change the reed on your DooD. The same reed can be used on your Clarineo or jSAX and the same process applies to changing it.

05. Playing your DooD

Bruce from Nuvo explains the basics of holding your DooD and playing the first 3 notes: B, A and G. For a free First Steps method book and music, please go to and for more information about Nuvo instruments,

Preparing for "Jingle Bells"

Jingle Bells (CHORUS)