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Community Acts of Kindness

As part of Kindness Week, children have thoroughly enjoyed participating in acts of kindness within our local community. We began the week with a trip to our local food bank distribution centre. The children were amazing and helped with sorting and organising food do-nations ready for distribution to the collection points. We learnt a lot about why we have food banks and how they help people.


Secondly, children went to the Garland Road crossing to pre-sent our lollipop man John with a huge thank you card. As a school, we said thank you to him for helping us stay safe in our community.


Finally, a group of children baked two fantastic cakes to deliver to a local nursing home to say a huge thank you to all of the care workers that help to look after the elderly. As part of Kindness Week, the children decided they wanted to deliver these cakes for staff and

residents to enjoy.