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Longfleet vs Oakdale Y6 Football Match

Longfleet’s first competitive match went very well. Being extremely excited for the match, we set off to Oakdale School. We had listened to our coach, Mr Ferenbach, and it paid off as within five minutes we were one nil up from a classy finish from Daniel. A few minutes later, we unfortunately lost a goal from a corner. It was 1-1 at this moment.


After the half time whistle had blown it was time for a substitute Scott Hardy, who started as a sub, came on for Jack Easton who had played a very good half. Scott was now in Jack’s position, which was left wing.

At this moment it could go either way, it was tense. We had possession but we switched off, lost the ball and they were through. With only Oliver to beat, we sadly lost a goal. But we weren’t going to give up there. Trying to get a goal back we shuffled around the positions. I slotted into midfield Dylan went on the right of me and Harry went into defence. Pushing to get a goal, the opposition had a break, took it round the defence and slotted it home.



With around 15 minutes left it was time for another substitute Sammy who had battled his way through his first ever match came off for Jack. We still had time left and we were determined to get back in the game. Weaving through several players I played the ball to Adam who played a first time pass through to Daniel. With serious pace he ran with the ball towards and once again scored for Longfleet. It was now 3-2 and we were still in the game. With only a few minutes we were still energetic but sadly the whistle blew. 3-2 wasn’t a bad result for our first match. The staff and parents were pleased with our performance. Hopefully we can continue this attitude into our following games.