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Year 5 Butterflies

The Butterfly Recount


Before the half term, we got to take care of some caterpillars. We went into groups of three and each group got a caterpillar. First, one person put the food in. Everybody thought it was a bit disgusting, but it was really just like wet sand. Next, Miss Helm helped one person put the caterpillar in. Finally, the last person poked holes in the top of the lid to let the caterpillar breathe. We got to name them. At first, they were small and black, but a few days later, they got a bit longer, bigger, and green. After a while, they went into shapes, hung from the lid and turned into cocoons.



They stayed as cocoons for a while. Then we put them into a net and we all had our half term holiday. The cocoons were light brown and spotty. They were cocoons until Thursday 31st May. The caterpillars had now become butterflies and when we came back they were ready to fly away. When you entered the room the first thing that you noticed was the butterflies because they looked beautiful and they always flapped their wings and ate their fruit.



Once the caterpillars were butterflies they started flying everywhere in their net. We took them out on the field to let them free! Miss Helm and Miss Thompson both put their hands in the net to get some butterflies. They both had a couple of butterflies on their hand. One of them wouldn’t get of Miss Helm’s hand and just stayed there. They finally got off her hand and fluttered away in the soft, calming wind. Quite a lot of butterflies flew away but unfortunately a couple of butterflies fell on the green grass. We went to check on them but we had to be careful where we stepped or we may have stepped on one. Luckily, none of the classes stepped on them, the butterflies were all safe and we hoped they would fly away and not get hurt. We went inside and the butterflies had flown away.


By: Lydia H, Jiya R & Elizabeth K